Standalone Setup

Standalone Setup

This tutorial is now out of date and will be corrected ASAP Thanks to BogusCurry for pointing this out

Except for the main 'WhiteCore.ini' file, all the configuration for the Region server are kept in the 'Config/Sim' folder

Grid server configuration

These folders may contain 'example' files. The standard setup does not need these files altered except where indicated.

Basic configuration

To completely configure WhiteCore for standalone operation you will need the following…

  • Your database connection details (database, user & password)
  • Your hostname to use if you do not want to use your external IP address or localhost
  • The name you will be using for your Standalone Sim

Ini file editing

Note - The default configuration is for the standalone mode of operation. The basic settings are contained in 'MyWorld.ini'. Editing the setting in this file will allow a very quick setup.


If you are happy with using your external IP address then you do not need to change any configuration. However, for Standalone use it is normal to use your 'localhost IP address'. This also applies if you have a specific hostname or external IP address you wish to use.

Set your new HostName in the main 'WhiteCore.ini' file. Edit WhiteCore.ini file in Config

Supplied WhiteCore.ini

  • Uncomment the "HostName =" line.
  • Leave 'as is' for localhost ( use or
    • Edit to HostName = <your dns name> or HostName = <your external ip address>
      • e.g. Hostname = or HostName =
  • Save.

Database setup

The grid server requires some database details to operate.

  • The database type (SQLite or MySql)
  • The selected database selection details
For this example we will be using a MySql database.

1. Edit Data.ini file in Config/Sim/Data

Region server Data connection

  • Comment the 'Include-SQLite = .. ' line
  • Uncomment the 'Include-MySql = ..' line
  • Save

2. Edit MySql.ini file in Config/Sim/Data

Grid server MySQL connection

  • Enter your database, username and user password
  • Save

Simulator name setup

To customise the name of your Sim, you will need to edit two files. The first for the grid information that the viewer will query and the login welcome message for the viewer.

1. Edit GridInfoService.ini file in Config/Sim/Standalone

GridInfo Sim names

  • Change 'gridname' to your Sim name.
  • Change 'gridnick' to the nickname (or short name) of your sim
  • Save

2. Edit StandaloneCommon.ini file in Config/Sim/Standalone

Login welcome message

  • Change the welcome message that will be sent on initial connection.
    • The <USERNAME> will substitute the user login name (or DisplayName if set) in the message
  • Save

All Done

That completes the basic configuration of the Standalone Sim. There are additional configuration files to further customise your Sim setup and each file contains comments regarding what each option will do. For the basic setup, none of these additional files needs editing but check them out anyway to see what options are available.

If you wish to enable Voice or other modules, the configurations are found in the Modules folder. Check for additional tutorials for these.

Start your Sim

Use the supplied '' (or bat) script to start the grid server and verify that there are no errors.

NOTE: Your MySql server must be running before you start your Sim

  • $ ./

You should see no errors and shortly be presented with the server prompt.

Standalone mode startup

If this is successful you are ready to login.

Logging in

If all is well, you can now login or access the WebUI at the grid address

http:// <your specified HostName> :9000

Note: You may need to refresh or add your Sim configuration in your viewer.