Mac Downloads

Mac Downloads


The main Google Drive download directory for all systems can be accessed at WhiteCore Downloads

Standalone application

WhiteCore-on-a-MacStick Mac OSX Dmg installer (approx 80 Mbytes)

This package is a 'One Step' install and will provide a standalone simulator that runs a a normal Mac application. The supplied configuration…

  • Uses your localhost (
  • Has two preconfigured regions
  • Has a preconfigured user 'Simona Stick' (Pass: 123)

Mac Framework ( V0.9.3 with all configurations, setup but no binaries)

Whitecore_Framework.tgz (approx 176 Kb) This package is the first step of 'Building your own' installation. The framework provides all the configuration and structure necessary but does not include binaries. The binary package must be downloaded, extracted and the resulting 'bin' directory copied into the framework. The supplied configuration…

  • No preconfigured regions or users
  • Uses your external IP address
  • Uses SQLite as a database
  • Requires a binary package

Weekly builds

Fly-Man also provides a set of weekly builds that contain only the updated binary files.

Note: These require a previous running setup of the appropriate Framework or WoaS package.

Mono x86 build

Mono x64 build