Linux Setup (WhiteCore 0.9.3+)

Linux Setup

The installation process for WhiteCore on Linux (and Mac) is now easier using Version 0.9.3 or later.

Because of the variations possible in Linux (or *nix in general) the WhiteCore installion consists of two packages.

A framework containing all the necessary configuration and data structure and a binary package that contains only the required binaries.

For this tutorial we will be using the x86 (32 bit) package. Download these packages …

Linux Framework

Mono x86 Package

Mono x64 build


Note: All these commands are executed for a terminal session.

Setting up the WhiteCore framework

The steps are…. Select where you will be installing WhiteCore. For this tutorial we will be assuming you 'Home' directory

Change to your installation directory

  • $ cd ~/

Download the base config package above, copy to your installation directory and extract.

  • $ tar jxf WhiteCore_Linux_Framework.tar.bz2 This will create a 'WhiteCore' directory in your installation directory

Download and copy the binary package to your installation directory, then extract.

  • $ tar jxf WhiteCore-v2-x86.tar.bz2 This will create a "WhiteCoreSim' directory containing the 'bin' directory containing the binaries

Move the binaries to your WhiteCore installation

  • $ cd WhiteCoreSim
  • $ mv ./bin ../WhiteCore

You can now delete the empty Directory

  • $ cd ..
  • $ rdmir ./WhiteCoreSim

Your WhiteCore simulator is nearly ready to run.

WhiteCore Directory Structure

Setting up MySql

The Linux setup assume that you are already running a MySql (or variation) server. Login to your Mysql server and create the 'whitecore' database, the 'whitecore' user with 'whitecorepass' as the password, and grant schema privileges to the whitecore database. Check the mysql_setup.txt file if unsure. (You do not upload any data) Yes.. this is insecure and is intended to run only for local access :)

  • $ mysql -u root -p … you do have a root password now.. don't' you?
  • mysql: create user 'whitecore'@'localhost' identified by 'whitecorepass';
  • mysql: create database whitecoresim;
  • mysql: grant all on whitecore.* to 'whitecore'@'localhost';

then type "quit" or "\q" to exit mysql.


If you wish to access the database from an external IP address , i.e another system, you will need to replace 'localhost' with '%'

  • mysql: create user 'whitecore'@'%' identified by 'whitecorepass';
  • mysql: grant all on whitecore.* to 'whitecore'@'%';

WhiteCore Startup

Run WhiteCore in a terminal session using the '' script

  • $ ./

You should see the startup message banner and a few things happening

WhiteCore Startup

Several ports will be opened and the the default inventory will be loaded.

WhiteCore Default Inventory

For the first run, the interactive configurator will run to setup the first region and optionally a user and estate.

WhiteCore Startup

At the end of it all you will have the standard Region [root]# prompt.

Once you are satisfied that all is well, you can run WhiteCore as a background process using the linux 'screen' program. The script '' will do this for you.

Note: This requires the screen program. If needed $ sudo apt-get install screen or your distr.'s equivalent.

This setup is standalone, and will use your systems' external IP address.

Login using http://<your external ip address>:9000

To see how to customise your setup or run in Grid Mode, see the appropriate tutorial.