Grid Setup - The Basics

Grid Setup The Basics

Setting up WhiteCore to operate in Grid mode might appear daunting but is actually very easy. For our example grid we will be using the following...


  • The hostname or IP address if you are not using the auto located external IP
  • A MySql database
  • A grid name for yout Grid setup

Download the bits...

For our new grid we need two packages. A framework containing all the configuration and structure (and docs) and a binary package to suit out OS.

All these packages are available from the downloads pages but to make it easy, download a framework and binary to suit your system...

Let's get started

  1. Copy/move the Framework to a location of your choice and then extract.
  2. Copy/move your binary package to the same directory and extract.

This will result in a directory containing several additional sub-directories and files.




Configuration of the grid server is the same regardless of your OS.

Running your Grid

To assist in running your Grid, several scripts are provided in the Framework.

Note: You should run the Grid server before you connect any regions. regions trying to connect to your server will display an error message and wait if the Grid server is not available.

  • Start the Grid server using 'grid_console'
  • If you are running a sim on the same system, start this using 'sim_console'

The startup scripts are the same, just tailored for each system.

    • bat: Windows, sh: Linux, sh/command: Mac

Logging in

If all is well, you can now login and access your Grid and WebUI at the grid address

http:// <your specified HostName> :8002

Note: You will may to reload the grid configuration in your viewer to access on the grid port 8002