Grid Mode Configuration

Grid Mode Configuration

Grid mode is the extended operational mode of WhiteCore that is normally used once you are happy with 'how it all works'

Again, this assumes you have your MySql (or database) setup and WhiteCore runs correctly in Standalone mode.

NOTE: The configuration options are valid regardless of your setup (Windows, Linux or Mac)

Changing to Grid mode from the preset Standalone mode requires editing a single configuration file.

Ini file editing

Edit Main.ini file in Config > Sim > Main.ini

  • If you do not have a Main.ini yet, rename and remove 'example' from the Main.ini.example file

Supplied Main.ini

Comment the "Include-Standalone =" line. Uncomment the "Include-Grid =" line.

Main.ini Grid mode


Starting WhiteCore in Grid Mode

When running Grid mode, multiple programs need to be run.

  • The Grid servers
  • The Region simulator server (this is what the Standalone mode runs)

Start the Grid server

Use the supplied '' (or bat) script to start the grid server and verify that there are no errors.

  • $ ./

You should see no errors and shortly be presented with the server prompt.

Grid mode startup

If this is successful, startup the region simulator in another terminal session. Again there should be no errors.

  • $ ./

Region startup in grid mode

Logging in

If all is well, you can now login at the grid address

http:// <your external IP address> :8002

Note: You will need to reload the grid configuration in your viewer to change from the standalone port 9000 to the grid port 8002