Connecting Your Sim To A Grid

Connecting Your Sim To A Grid

Right, you have your sim up and running, looking good and now want to go further. Connecting WhiteCore to a WhiteCore Grid server is a simple process involving only a few steps.

Before you begin

You are connecting to a grid so before you do so, check out the grid map of your intended vict.. er… location and pick a spot that is free. Trying to connect when there is already a region in your intended location is not life threatening but it can be annoying.


  • Grid url that you will be connecting to (Assumed to be up and running correctly)
  • An empty location on the Grid that can be used

NOTE: Running a region simulator, connected to a grid does NOT require a database setup/connection.

For this exercise, we will be connecting to the test grid. This is located at

The main regions here are located around 5000,5000 so somewhere close by is probably a good idea. We will use 5005, 5005 for convenience. For best results, starting with a 'clean' setup is recommended i.e. no regions configured.


Only two configuration files must be edited to connect your standalone region to the grid. (This assumes the standard configuration as provided in the Framework packages)

INI file editing

1. Start by editing Config/Sim/Main.ini (remove the .example if you have not already done so) Set up to run in Grid mode by commenting the 'Include-Standalone=…' line and uncomment the 'Include-Grid = …' line

Main.ini Grid mode operation

2. Edit the GridCommon.ini in Config/Sim/Grid/GridCommon.ini and change the GridServerURI to the hostname of the grid you are connecting to.

Standard (Grid server on the same system)

Standard Grid setup

Remote Grid ( in this case)

Remote Grid configuration

The big moment

A picture is worth many words so checkout the details below. Fire up you WhiteCore simulator using the provided startup script

  • ./ (or .command, .bat)
  • You will be asked for details of an Estate to join. The user and the estate MUST exist before you try to connect to it. You may use the system defaults to get started.
  • If you wish to use a new User and Estate name, create them first on the grid console.

Connect a new region to the grid

No errors? good, you are ready to go. Fire up your viewer and you should see your new region listed. For this example


If you wish to try this then you may use the test grid, as shown above, to connect to BUT BEWARE, this is a test setup that may be wiped at any time.

  • Anyone that abuses the privilege will be banned.