Configuration Demystified

Configuration Demystified

Changing the configuration sometimes appears to be a daunting prospect for those 'First Time' users but once broken down, is (hopefully) self explanatory and quite easy.

What are all the 'example' files?

The *.example files contain the basic configuration of WhiteCore. If you wish to alter the configuration you need to delete the '.example' extension which will leave a file with a '.ini' extension. These will be recognised by your system as an editable text file. When referring to any 'ini' file below, if it does not exist then rename the appropriate 'example' file.

The main Config

The WhiteCore configuration is kept in it's own 'Config' folder with this folder containing all the details necessary to customise both the Region (& standalone) simulator as well as the Grid server if it is used. The main folder is…

Main configuration folder

This folder also contains three configuration files.

  • WhiteCore.ini >> Main region configuration
  • WhiteCore.Server.ini >> Main Grid server configuration
  • MyWorld.ini >> Easy setup for preconfigured standalone mode
  • MyGrid.ini >> Easy setup for grid server mode

Sim folder

Except for the WhiteCore.ini in the main folder, all region server configuration is here. This includes the Standalone setup

Configuration Sim folder

Grid folder

Except for the WhiteCore.Server.ini in the main folder, all grid server configuration is here.

Configuration Grid folder

So what is needed?

WhiteCore runs in four operation modes

Standalone mode

All services and simulator are run in a single 'instance'. This is useful for building locally or experimenting with features. As you run this fully on your system you will not incur data costs, lag or other delays.

Tutorial page to Configure your Standalone Sim

Grid mode

Grid mode breaks WhiteCore in two components.

  • The Grid server which provides all the asset and data serving requirements.
  • The region server which provides everything necessary to maintain a region.

In this mode, the grid server must be run initially and then the region server, which then connects to the grid server.

Tutorial page to Reconfigure to Grid Mode

Grid connection

The region (Sim) server is run separately and connected to a grid server, either locally (as in the Grid mode above) or to a remote grid server.

Tutorial page to Connect your Sim to the Grid

Grid server

Only the grid server is run with the intention of connecting remote (or local) region servers.

Tutorial page to configure your Grid Server