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Week 13 Updates

Updates for March 23 - 29

Progress report

This is the next update of current progress with the WhiteCore code. Still quite a bit of "clean up" but occasionally something new creeps in.

LSL functions

  • increase float equality difference to "0.0000005" as LSL_Flo ..
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Updates for Week 12 2014

Week 12 updates (March 16-21)

Updates for March 16th to March 21st

Just to keep everyone informed as to what is happening, I will start posting the commit comments for the WhiteCore code. hopefully every week, but at least when there is some action taking place. ( Sometim ..

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Adding content to larger regions

Have a large region and small parcels?

Importing For Large Regions

Adding content to a large variable region in WhiteCore can be daunting but if you already have some standard 'normal' archives from previous building, it is easy to add that content to your new large variable region. ..

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The Missing texture

Addition of a system 'missing' texture

The case of the elusive missing texture

A recent suggestion was made to use a specific texture for those cases when the required texture was not available. Great idea so this feature has been incorporated the the March code update.

Hmm ..

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