How Big is BIG!

How Big is BIG!

August 06, 2015

Teleporting in world

Recently there have been a few questions about 'How far can I teleport'?

Some testing has revealed the following...

  • Assuming the viewer is capable, there is no limitation of the distance for a teleport jump in world.
  • The old '4096' barrier is not present in WhiteCore

How big can a grid be?

Some additional tests regarding large the grid co-ordinates could be revealed some interesting details as well. Again, the positions in WhiteCore are limited to 2,147,483,647 in the X & Y locations. This equates to 4.6116 E18 regions of 256 x 256 or more realistically, 2.88 e17 Square kilometres. A somewhat largish area.


The current crop of viewers limit this internally, probably inherited from the original SecondLife code, to only 65535 x 65535 (Looks familiar) What this means is that currently the maximum grid size is 268,402,689 square Kilometres, which is about half the available 'real' land area in the world... pretty big. Certainly big enough to get lost in.

  • All of Europe is 10,180,000 sq Kms
  • USA is roughly 9,526,468 sq Kms
  • Canada comes in at 9,984,670 sq Kms

So, White Core only limits you to your imagination

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