WS.Reputation.1, Virus or not?

WS.Reputation.1, Virus or not?

March 23, 2015

Is WhiteCore infected with the "WS.Reputation.1 virus"?

I have had several reports of the WhiteCore exe's and ell's being deleted due to the supposed detection of a the WS.Reputation.1 "virus"

WS.Reputation is not actually a virus, malware or anything related. It is a 'reputation' based response based upon known responses from the Symantec community. Essentially... if the software has a low 'reputation' i.e it is unknown or not widely used, then it is assumed to be a possible 'threat' and hence the offending files are quarantined or deleted 'for your protection' i.e. a 'I don't know what this is so I'll assume it is bad' response.... and totally incorrect.

The WhiteCore packages are produced on systems either specifically setup to build the packages or are in constant daily use. Whilst virus infections are always possible, this is very unlikely to occur, particularly if you have downloaded the files as released here.

If you have any problems, I would suggest that you disable your anti virus stuff temporarily and then use the online to scan the files to your own satisfaction.

I have done this using my development setup and all 39 scans, including symantec, found nothing.

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