0.9.2 "Quokka" Release

0.9.2 "Quokka" Release

October 01, 2014

The WhiteCore Team is proud to present "Quokka", the second release since the forking from AuroraSim.

What does this version hold:

  • Layout changes to allow for easy updates without having to "play"with your current configurations
    • This means that from this version on, the only thing you need to replace in future versions is the bin folder and adjust your Configuration.
  • WebUI updates
  • New System users for the Library and RealEstate Owner
  • Load / Save Users through the use of CSV files
  • Code versioning
  • Log files show more detailed date / time information

What does this version NOT hold:

  • IWC / HG compatibility

You can check out the details on GitHub

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