Updates for Week 32, 2014

Updates for Week 32, 2014

August 07, 2014

Updates implemented this week include....

  • Initial rework of estates to move commands to the grid and modify region estate creation for first setup
  • Corrected problem creating multiple estates (always returned id 100)
  • Querying of remote system RealEstate Owner Name and system estate Name corrected
  • Updated to detect and correct if configuration changes for the owner or estate name
  • Rename Sim/Physics/Physics.ini.exxample to 'ini'
  • Update to Simple Currency to correct invalid remote call
  • Simplify region prompt setup
  • Provision for configurable region seed names
  • Change default region creation to 'Estate' rather than 'Mainland'
  • Correct backup file overwrite when modifying the region name
  • Implemented region name validation checks to prevent empty names
  • Added random name suggestion
  • Correct Avatar archive initialisation in grid mode
  • Rework GetAvatarArchiveFileNames()
  • Correct avatar archive load (if specified) when user is created
  • Simplify new user entry
  • Suggest random user name if required
  • Provide selection of an Avatar Archive if available
  • Hide UUID entry for normal usage
  • Provision for configurable user seed names
  • Correct processing for multi word commands to add back option switches (--option)
  • Add low rez water texture to default inventory

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