Welcome to the WhiteCore Development Wiki

Welcome to the WhiteCore Development Wiki

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Some major updates have occurred in the past few days. Several site operations were broken due to the underlying web framework updates... My apologies for this. Registrations and forum operation should now be restored.

WhiteCore-Sim has moved on from the original Aurora-Sim project. Many updates, bug fixes and additional features have been implemented to provide the next generation Virtual World Simulator. WhiteCore-Sim allows you to run a large scale operation and extend it as needed.

The architecture is designed to be as flexible as possible to provide cross-platform compatibility using the .NET or Mono frameworks. This also allows easier access so that third parties can create modules by "pluging into" the modular design.

Most importantly, WhiteCore-Sim is a community based project consisting of individuals with a variety of talents (technical and non-technical) and has been developed with emphasis on security, speed and performance.

This is a wiki intended for WhiteCore-Sim users to share and document WhiteCore-Sim.

If you wish to contribute, please contact Greythane via email or IRC