Importing For Large Regions

Importing For Large Regions

Adding content to a large variable region in WhiteCore can be daunting but if you already have some standard 'normal' archives from previous building, it is easy to add that content to your new large variable region.

For this exercise I am going to use the NuAthens city regions created and kindly made available by Lordfly Digeridoo (Josh Eikenberry). These are standard 256x256 regions but are intended to be added together to create an entire 512x512 region. Originally these were for OpenSim but they are compatible with WhiteCore without any modification.

The four small regions are names nu_athens_1.tar.gz, nu_athens_2.tar.gz, nu_athens_3.tar.gz and nu_athens_4.tar.gz , available in the 'Import' folder of WoaS with the final layout being thus...

RegionsCo-ord offsets
Region 3Region 40, +256+256, +256
Region 1region 20,+256, 0

I have setup two regions on my WhiteCore WoaS sim, a 256x256 and immediately next to it a 512x512. The positioning does not matter but this gives a better view for taking snapshots of what is happening.

Change to the region to be loaded (NuAthens in this case) Region [root]# change region NuAthens 20:45:58: [SceneManager]: Changed to region NuAthens

Starting layout

To load the first region, the basic load oar command is used. Region [NuAthens]# load oar ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_1.tar.gz 20:46:22: [ARCHIVER]: Loading archive to region NuAthens from ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_1.tar.gz

Starting layout

This archive normally contains the terrain for the entire region with any previous contents being cleared before loading.
Loading the next archive requires the addition of the '--merge' and '--Offxet' switches Region [NuAthens]# load oar ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_2.tar.gz --merge --OffsetX=256 20:49:46: [ARCHIVER]: Loading archive to region NuAthens from ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_2.tar.gz

Archive 2

Notice the --OffsetX=256 to move the second archive 256m to the right of the first archive. The --merge will not initially clear the region but merge the contents to those already existing.
Loading the third archive still uses the '--merge' and '--Offset' option but here the offset is in the 'Y' direction (up from the first region) Region [NuAthens]# load oar ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_3.tar.gz --merge --OffsetY=256 20:51:10: [ARCHIVER]: Loading archive to region NuAthens from ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_3.tar.gz

Archive 3

The last archive is diagonally up and right of the first archive so in this case both Offsets are applied Region [NuAthens]# load oar ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_4.tar.gz --merge --OffsetX=256 --OffsetY=256 20:54:50: [ARCHIVER]: Loading archive to region NuAthens from ../Import/nuathens/nu_athens_4.tar.gz

Archive 4

Hmmm, looks there are some missing pieces.

The result

After a bit of rezzing, our new 512x512 city is ready for occupation.

Archive 3