WhiteCore April package updates

WhiteCore April package updates

April 02, 2014

WhiteCore-on-a-Stick packages

All of the available "standalone" and "clean" packages have been updated with the latest code and fixes. This update includes some new commands which will be detailed further on the commands pages of this site.

Windows setup

For Windows, a new installer has been used, hopefully to provide a quicker and easier installation process. The installation now defaults to the users Documents directory to allow for easier access from the window desktop and to keep windows itself happier. The Launcher main option now works as originally intended and just access the main startup batch file. On startup, there will be two console session windows, the first for starting and stopping the MySql server with the other being the WhiteCore Sim console.

Mac setup

Very little has changed here as the provious installers worked without any problems :)

Linux setup

Ditto hereā€¦ untar tar -xz <file> to extract in your choice of directory and then follow the provided instructions.

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