Week 13 Updates

Week 13 Updates

March 30, 2014

Progress report

This is the next update of current progress with the WhiteCore code. Still quite a bit of "clean up" but occasionally something new creeps in.

LSL functions

  • increase float equality difference to "0.0000005" as LSL_Float types are only to six decimal places
  • SetPrimParams - Correct PRIM_POSITION postion update to remove incorrect additional offset (originally reported by Eamon Mayo who also supplied a correction (Aurora))

Command updates

* Show region <name> command

  • correct so that it operates correctly in both standalone and grid mode
  • Add port to 'Show regions' command

* Show users command

  • Update formatting of displayed user

* Scenemanager / FileBasedSimulationData

  • Re-work and correct new region creation command to provide additional options.
  • Add suggestion for location and port based upon existing regions
  • Small change to prompt wording when creating a new estate
  • Correct some problems in the 'update region info' command

* Map tile generation

  • Rebuild of the WarpTile renderer with some optimisations and using customised Warp3D library (WhiteCore.Warp3D) (requires new Warp3D.dll in bin folder)

* Correction to server configuration files

.. a bunch of 'back room' helper stuff that is used for general running and processing of commands

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