Updates for Week 12 2014

Updates for Week 12 2014

March 21, 2014

Updates for March 16th to March 21st

Just to keep everyone informed as to what is happening, I will start posting the commit comments for the WhiteCore code. hopefully every week, but at least when there is some action taking place. ( Sometimes 'real work' gets in the way)

All these updates will become available shortly

Greythane updates

* CommandConsole

  • Add 'missed that..' response for multi word commands

* Update prebuild.xml version # to 0.9 * PathHelpers

  • Add VerifyReadFile to shortcut a heap of file checks (reading config, xml etc)

* SceneManger

  • Correct/update/rework CreateNewRegion when a region name and/or a config file is specified

* CommandConsole

  • Add a warning message if a valid command requires a scene and none is selected

* SceneManager

  • SavePrimsXml2 - revamp command and simplify code
  • SaveXML2 - revamp and simplify code

* PathHelpers

  • Add VerifySaveFile to shortcut a heap of file checks (saving config, xml etc)

* SceneManager

  • Additional options for the 'create region' command
  • Specify a region name as part of the command
  • specify a configuration file, containing the region details, to load
  • New command "save region config <filename>" used to save existing configurations to an xml file

* SceneManager - additional XML2 commands

  • load xml2 - load an xlm2 format file
  • save xml2 - save current region as an xml2 file
  • save prims xml2 - save a named prim as an xml2 file

* FileBasedSimulationData - Add some 'smarts' when creating a new region. Scan existing regions and suggest available X/Y location and port rather than use defaults

* MaintenanceThread - Remove obsolete suspend/resume operation and replace with EventWaitHandle processing (Ongoing verification necessary to ensure that no other issues arise but only use is in show stats command) * FileBasedSimulationData - Add Sim name to 'Loading sim..' startup info message

* Additional check for incorrect position of command line switches in 'load oar' command * BulletSim files - Rename into WhiteCore name space in preparation for further updates * MapImageModule - correct 'update map' command to actually do all regions instead of the first one

  • if root is selected, all region maps are updated
  • if a region is selected, only updates the map for that region

* ScriptData - Updated 'BROKEN SAVE STATE...' message to something a bit more intuitive * MaintenanceThread - Updated 'BAD VERSION ID...' message to something a bit more intuitive

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