New WhiteCore-on-a Stick updates

New WhiteCore-on-a Stick updates

March 12, 2014

Updates available

All the download packages have been updated with the latest code and fixes.

The Windows installer had a particular problem that I only just found when building the latest packages.. Now the uninstall option will actually work correctly and remove everything. I discovered that the previous installer left a heap of data which caused a lot of confusion when trying to re-install. The Launcher main option now works as originally intended. On windows, there will be two console session windows, the first for starting and stopping the MySql server with the other being the WhiteCore Sim console. Windows had 'modified' the previous shortcut so it was essentially pointing to a nonexisten system.

Gotta love Windows :)

March 16: Advised of an 'oops' in the Linux packages related to the MySql port... All sorted with the corrections applied to the available download.

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