Linux easy setup

Linux easy setup

March 04, 2014

To assist those that use a Linux variety (like me) to run WhiteCore, here is an easy installation process.

I have put together a 'base' install that only has the configuration, scripts and info files that are suitable for Linux (and Mac) setups. You can find it at….

Just to make sure, I have re-done the following steps completely and verified that this does work using the weekly package that Fly-Man posted. Note: All these commands are executed for a terminal session.

Setting up the WhiteCore files

The steps are…. Download the base config package above, copy to your choice of directory and extract.

$ cd ~/ $ tar xzf WhiteCore_Linux_Base.tgz
  • This will create a 'WhiteCore' directory in you home directory

Download and copy the binary package to the WhiteCore directory just created

$ cd whitcore $ bunzip2 WhiteCore-x86.tar.bz2 $ tar xf WhiteCore-x86.tar

This will create a 'bin' dir containing the binaries

Setting up MySql

The Linux setup assume that you are already running a MySql (or variation) server. Login to your Mysql server and create the 'whitecore' database, the 'whitecore' user with 'whitecorepass' as the password, and grant schema privileges to the whitecore database. Check the mysql_setup.txt file if unsure. (You do not upload any data) Yes.. this is insecure and is intended to run only for local access :)

$ mysql -u root -p … you do have a root password now..

mysql: create user 'whitecore'@'localhost' identified by 'whitecorepass'; mysql: create database whitecoresim; mysql: grant all on whitecore.* to 'whitecore'@'localhost';

then type "quit" or "\q" to exit mysql.

Add the inital database data

If you want to have a fully running setup i.e. 'WhiteCore-on-a-Stick' you will need to import the supplied data into your new whitecore database.

While still in your WhiteCore folder, type the following from the command line:

$ mysql -u whitecore -pwhitecorepass whitecore <whitecore_initial_data.sql

WhiteCore Startup

Run WhiteCore in a terminal session using the '' script

$ ./

You should see the startup. If you have not imported any preset data, you will see the default inventory loading and then the interactive configurator will run to setup the first region, user and estate.

At the end of it all you will have the standard Region [root]# prompt.

Once you are satisfied that all is well, you can run WhiteCore as a background process using the linux 'screen' program. The script '' will do this for you. Note: requires screen. If needed $ sudo apt-get install screen or your distr.'s equivalent.

This setup is standalone, and is locked to the localhost ( If you need external access, check the ReadMe & Customising text files.

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