WhiteCore reorganise

WhiteCore reorganise

May 18, 2014

Repository Layout Change

With the release of Version 0.9.1, the layout of the entire WhiteCore repository will be changed. This change will mainly effect those who build WhiteCore from source or those that are developing add-on modules.

For those that use the precompiled packages, there will be very little change after the first migration to the new layout.

Why the change

The change is twofold.

  • To allow for easier configuration and setup of the Simulator
  • To allow for automated updating of the binaries

What is changing?

Volatile data, i.e. the simulator regions, assets and scripts will be separated from the binaries that provide the various servers and add ons. By doing this all the main user data will be able to be backed up in a single operation. This will mean the operation of moving your entire setup to another system or location will be as simple as coping or moving one folder. Currently a lot of data is kept in the 'bin' folder of the simulator setup and locating the correct file to modify for your configuration or making sure you have all your data that has just been updated, can sometime be a headache. Updating the current system is also problematic as all this data must be moved out and then moved back (or regenerated) once the new update has been installed.

These are the main reasons for the change.

Stay tuned...

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