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WhiteCore reorganise

The repository layout of WhiteCore is changing

Repository Layout Change

With the release of Version 0.9.1, the layout of the entire WhiteCore repository will be changed. This change will mainly effect those who build WhiteCore from source or those that are developing add-on modules.

For thos ..

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First release version

The first 'Official' release

The initial release is out!

After some considerable work correcting many small 'niggly' problems, the WhiteCore development team pleased to announce the first official release.

The updated packages re available on the "Resources>Downloads" pa ..

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WhiteCore April package updates

April packages

WhiteCore-on-a-Stick packages

All of the available "standalone" and "clean" packages have been updated with the latest code and fixes. This update includes some new commands which will be detailed further on the commands pages of this site.


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Week 13 Updates

Updates for March 23 - 29

Progress report

This is the next update of current progress with the WhiteCore code. Still quite a bit of "clean up" but occasionally something new creeps in.

LSL functions

  • increase float equality difference to "0.0000005" as LSL_Flo ..
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