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Updates for Week 32, 2014

August 3rd to 9th

Updates implemented this week include....

  • Initial rework of estates to move commands to the grid and modify region estate creation for first setup
  • Corrected problem creating multiple estates (always returned id 100)
  • Querying of remote sy ..
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WhiteCore Dev meeting Tue August 5th

IRC log of the development meeting

Development meeting

Held on the freenode, #whitecore-support channel at 09:30 UTC I will try and post log transcripts of each meeting from now on as we are nearing the next 'freeze' and release.

Thanks to those who were up late and very early, f ..

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Linux setup (Version 0.9.2+)

How to setup WhiteCore for Linux

Linux setup, even easier

Setting up WhiteCore for use with Linux is now even easier using the provided Framework and Binary packages. The framework is pre-configured and all that is needed is to add your choice of binary package (32 or 64 bit), ..

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Latest Dev updates

Updated WhiteCore-on-a-Stick packages

The latest development versions of WhiteCore are available to checkout (and break)

Two sets of downloads are currently available

  • The 'WhiteCore-on-a-Stick' fully running setups
  • Weekly binary builds
  • and more variations…

Quick links ..

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